Fundación Henry Davis in Conocoto, Ecuador

Fundación Henry Davis (or the Henry Davis Foundation) is an orphanage located in Conocoto, Ecuador, a suburb outside of the capital of Quito. They serve more than 100 children, most of whom have been orphaned as a result of abandonment or abuse.

The orphanage itself is made up of eighteen houses that sits at the bottom of the compound. Each has its own house mom or "mamita," who cares for the 10 children living there. This family structure provides a sense of normalcy for the children. 

At the top of the compound is the school. Each child at the orphanage attends the school along with some students from the nearby community. The school offers a well-rounded education for the children, as well as ample opportunities for social interaction with others their age.

Unfortunately, the orphanage receives some funding, but not a lot. Due to this, they have to prioritize between quantity and quality of everyday needs, like education and food, in order to take care of all the kids they take in. Being able to provide programs that can provide them with some more income and lower the costs of food would help them be able to take in even more kids and provide them with more opportunities.